The Mathews Family

The Mathews Family

Friday, November 25, 2011 style

Children make everything more enjoyable, well almost everything.....except sleep!:) This year Grammy and Paw Paw Mathews came for a visit. Grammy helped the girls and I bake pies. The girls and myself were wearing the special aprons Grammy Grimes sent.

We made pumpkin and pecan pies and the girls decorated them in their own special way.

It was a great dinner. The turkey was yummy and David was a huge help.

After that, we all napped.  Then we had a blast talking and visiting. Colleen got all dressed up for us.

We are so thankful for the many blessings God  has given us to enjoy.

Friday, November 18, 2011

A Time of Thanks

I see everyone listing all the things they are thankful for online right now. So here are a few of our favorite things. God has been so gracious to us.

1. Children's smiles.

2. The teens we are able to minister to.

3. Beautiful flowers that grew this summer.
4. Icecream.....Do I really need to say more about that?
Ok so I know this is a really short list. But there are so many wonderful things we are blessed with blogging would take all night!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Growing Fast

It is always so amazing to me how quickly the kids are growing. Devin is walking and talking more and more. Fiona and Colleen are finally getting a hang of the whole potty thing. Ian is reading very well. We are just trying to figure out what next fall has for us. We have always planned to homeschool our children, but God may be leading in another way. We have much prayer ahead.

Ian is playing T-ball for the first time this year. It has been wonderful for all of us. We have already been able to connect with several new families and are praying for opportunities to share the gospel and the love of Jesus.

The Girls love to play tea party...and we have learned (at Daddy's suggestion) to take it with us to ball games to keep them occupied. It helps...a lot!

Ian's first game got rained out but we got to enjoy a mommy and son breakfast anyway!

Devin is quite the ham. He is a joy to talk and play with. Love that kid!

I've been working in our flower beds the last 3 years and we are finally seeing some results. I love this rose bush, its beautiful and it smells so sweet!

I can't wait until my beautiful Mother's day gift from last year a hydrangea blooms, it s getting LOTS of buds on it!

I've been doing a lot more work as David's secretary this year and this was one of my big projects. A new, more modern shirt for outreach!

I love what it says and how it looks!

That is a quick update on our life right now...hopefully more to come soon!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Nesting Time

So the time has come. Actually its been here a while. Since I seem to move much more slowly the farther I progress, my panic has set in sooner this time. I think it has something to do with the 3 little blessings that tend to make a mess faster than I can clean up. Also it has to to with me just not being able to bend over anymore. I'm so thankful that this is almost at an end. God has been good to help me through the really trying months of sickness, and now that my pelvis is seperating, I'm trying to work on being patient for God's timing in the matter. I'm very concerned that this one will show up on April 4th-Easter, which is sweet if you aren't a pastor's family! Thats pretty much the busiest day of the year for us!

We have gotten a ton done around the house lately, but have you ever noticed the more projects you start, the messier it gets before it gets clean? We've been so busy on indoor/outdoor projects that laundry and dishes fall behind, and then its catch up time on those. The nice weather has made it possible to get tons done outside and in, but it makes it more difficult to get the "normal" stuff done. I'm so thankful for a working washing machine, and dishwasher (yes that broke down last week) I'm just waiting for the fridge or oven to go....its been eveything else the past 2 months. Oh yeah, our white car got totaled (thankfully not our fault) so we had to find a new vehicle in the middle of all the preparations. We got a Ford Windstar mini-van so that we have a backup if our free Plymoth hits the dust. We got the van at an auto auction. Wow, that was quite the experience.

Before I forget I should post a couple of cute kid sayings for now. Yesterday I said to David "I wish I had a little money for something." He says "What a new body?!" I said(sarcasticly) ", a pedicure" (since I can't reach my toes.) Ian pipes up..."Mom, I think a new body would be better so that way you can bend over!" Haha...we just died. Gotta love the practicality of a five year old.

The day before that, all the kids were singing and talking at the breakfast table...someone started asking for Paw-Paw...and pretty soon they were all calling out "paw-paw!!!" really loud just to be funny. After a minute Fiona says matter of factly "paw-paw doesn't hear us, hes in his hotel far away" Pretty funny. (David's dad works in the area and stays up here once every three weeks, so they get to visit his hotel occationally.

Colleen is still our little chuckler...she got to ride in the baby swing yesterday for the first time all year and she just didn't stop laughing. No squealing or yelling like the others, just giggles. So precious.

I'm very ready to meet little Devin Kearney. So are all the siblings. Daddy would prefer we wait until after Easter! :) We may not have much of a choice in that!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Laundry Mayhem

So its blog time. The only reason I’m really getting to this now is I’m sitting in the laundrymat running 7 loads. Yeah you saw that right. So if you figured it out….my washing machine is broken, and the part is on backorder. So here we are 4 weeks after it is broken, trying to catch up on the massive piles before we leave on our trip next week. Oh yeah, the trip, we are headed to Indiana to take a NANC course in Biblical Counselling. We’ve been wanting to do this all of our married lives, but between layoffs, babys and rough pregnancies this is the first year the Lord has opened the door. Our church is paying the expenses, and my parents are watching the kiddos. Yes that means pray for them if you think of it between Feb 7-12. J I’m doing much better with the pregnancy. The vomiting has all but stopped and I’m getting huge. I have a feeling this baby is going to be my largest. I’ve managed to avoid much pelvic pain this time and its been just the normal pregnancy stuff now. Ian is growing very tall. Hes starting to read and its been really fun quizzing him on his blends and helping read 3 letter words. Fiona is quite the character and Colleen is such a girly girl. Today Colleen had beads around her neck and had made linking rings into bracelets for her arms. How’s that for a 20 month old?! Fiona is very excited about going to preschool with Bubby next year, we just have to convince her the potty is necessary. Its been quite the trial. We’ve tried several times but she just doesn’t get it. I’m hoping to have her trained in the next 8 weeks, because I really don’t want three in diapers again. Well, my laundry is almost dry, my back is worn out and I’m running out of time here, so I’ll wrap this up. Ministry is busy as usual, if its not serious counselling issues, its problems with the heater or sickness creeping in. We are enjoying this time, but often feel overwhelmed by all the constant shifts. I think this week away of training, being in the Word, and spending time as a couple will help us feel more prepared to serve those we love in our church and community and will help us get a re-set button on the year. Hope you had a great January I can’t believe mine is over! J God Bless

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Getting reorganized...

After a 2 week break from my girls I was so glad to have them back. I will admit that I had forgotten how easy just one child can moms of one don't freak out on me here, but trust me it just gets crazier as you go.

I've taken a step back to look at my house.....hmmm not pretty. Yeah I know I've been sick for 4 months, but that doesn't make the mess any easier to take in. While the girls were gone we got the kitchen cleaned up (some) and the playroom back into mostly sane condition. I also got all the bathrooms cleaned. My room and the kids rooms are still a danger zone. Also causing a problem is the change of seasons and the ever growing children. Unfortunately just because I'm stuck in the bed sick doesn't mean they stop growning. So I now have piles of partially sorted clothes all over both kids bedrooms...I know it will get better, but I wish I could click my fingers and have it all done, or at least have the energy and health to do it!

On a happy note!!! Its a BOY!!! We are pretty thrilled since this now evens up the teams. As Ian said during the sonograms " now I have two brothers, and two sisters" hmmmm not quite, but you get the idea. We are still trying to figure out the name thing. We have a pretty solid first name but can't seem to find a middle name that we love.... oh well we have plenty of time to keep looking.

Life is constantly changing here and I've been blessed with a helper 2 days a week now. She's been a huge blessing and we are both encouraging and growing shes great with the girls and mopped my bathroom floors today! Whoot! :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I think that birthdays are tough when you are sick. I mean, everyone wants you to have a great day, be cheery and party...and I just want a nap! I'm one of those people that loves to be around lots of friends, play games and just visit, but most of those activities are rough one me right now. It stinks because the things I love most about holidays are the things that make me sickest. Smells from food, children, pets....diapers drive me nuts. My dear hubby dared me this morning to try to go out to dinner tonight. (that is a feat because I've only been to the hospital or Dr.'s office for the past month) I'm hoping that I can go and enjoy myself, and that I will be able to eat. I can't wait until I feel better, get my house reorganized and can have a bunch of friends over for a game night! It will be great.